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K of Middle Earth
K of Middle Earth

K of Middle Earth


King of the Dead - Lord of the Shadow Host

The king of the oath-breaking Men of the White Mountains, who swore allegiance to Isildur in the War of the Last Alliance. For breaking his oath, he and his people were cursed to walk the Paths of the Dead until they could redeem themselves, which they achieved by aiding Isildur's heir Aragorn in the War of the Ring.

King of Gondor - The line of lords descended from Elendils son Anrion

The title of the lords of the Dnedain, Elendil and his descendants, who ruled the Kingdom of Gondor. The line of the Kings came to an end when Ernur answered the challenge of the Lord of the Nazgl and was lost in Minas Morgul. Aftter his loss, Gondor was ruled by hereditary Stewards until the installation of Aragorn II Elessar (a direct descendant of Elendil) after the War of the Ring.

King of the Mark - A royal title of the Lords of Rohan

An equivalent title to 'King of Rohan', probably more commonly used in Rohan itself.

Kings of Men - Men of Westernesse

A title given to the Nmenreans by the Men of Middle-earth when they returned there in the Second Age.

King of Rohan - Eorl and his royal descendants

Title of nineteen recorded lords of the land of Rohan, from Eorl the Young who founded that land to Elfwine, son of omer adig who fought in the War of the Ring.

Kings Writer - The scribe of Minas Tirith

The scribe of the King of Gondor, a title borne by Findegil in the early Fourth Age.


Khand - Ancient eastern ally of Sauron

A little-known land lying directly to the east of Mordor, and its traditional ally.

Khazad-dm - The Mansions of Durin and his Kin

The grandest and most famous of the mansions of the Dwarves. It lay in the central parts of the Misty Mountains, tunnelled and carved through the living rock of the mountains themselves, so that a traveller could pass through it from the west of the range to the east. It was founded in very ancient days by Durin the Deathless, who came upon a shimmering lake beneath the mountain Celebdil, with a crown of stars reflected in its waters. He named that lake in the Dwarvish tongue, Kheled-zram, the Mirrormere, and there he started the building of Khazad-dm.

After millennia as one of the richest cities in Middle-earth, Khazad-dm stood dark and empty, but for the brooding menace the Dwarves had released. In that time it was given a new name, Moria, the Black Pit.

The monster of Moria - a Balrog of Morgoth, as was later known - lurked alone in Moria for nearly five hundred years. After that time, the old city of Khazad-dm began to be peopled again, but not by Dwarves. Sauron directed his creatures there, and it began to fill with orcs and trolls. Though the orcs' numbers were greatly reduced in the Battle of Nanduhirion, fought in the valley beneath Moria's East-gate in III 2799, the Balrog could not be bested, and Khazad-dm remained a citadel of darkness.

Kheled-zram - The shimmering Mirrormere

The shimmering mere that lay in the eastern valleys of the Misty Mountains; seeing it, and the stars that were always reflected in its surface, Durin the Deathless chose that place for the delving of Khazad-dm.

Kibil-nala - See Celebrant


Key of Orthanc - The Key to Saruman's Tower

The key or keys that granted entry to the otherwise impenetrable tower of Orthanc. They first enter history at the time of the Oath of Eorl, when that tower was sealed by the Gondorians, and the key taken to Minas Tirith. At the request of Saruman, Steward Beren later surrendered the key to him, and he took up his abode in the ancient Gondorian stronghold.

Kingsfoil - The royal healing-leaf

A plant also called Athelas or Asa Aranion. Its sweet-smelling leaves possessed healing virtues, especially in the hands of descendant of the royal line of Nmenor.

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