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C of Middle Earth
C of Middle Earth

C of Middle Earth


Captains of the West - Leaders of the final hopeless march to Mordor

Gandalf, Aragorn, Éomer, Imrahil and the other lords of the allied force that rode against the gates of Mordor in the last stages of the War of the Ring.

Celeborn - The Lord of Lórien

An Elf of Doriath, who met with Galadriel daughter of Finarfin after the Return of the Noldor to Middle-earth, and wedded her. They became Lord and Lady of Lórien during the Third Age.

Celebrimbor - Leader of the People of the Jewel-smiths

The son of Curufin and grandson of Fëanor, who led the Elves of Eregion during the Second Age and played a great part in the making of the Rings of Power.

Chubb Family - An important hobbit-family of the Shire

A family of Shire-hobbits, of whom several were present at Bilbo Baggin's Birthday Party. Their main connection with the Baggins family was through Bilbo's grandfather, the Old Took, whose wife Adamanta Chubb was mother to no fewer than twelve children, including Bilbo's mother Belladonna.

Company of the Ring - The Nine Walkers, The Fellowship of the Ring

The nine companions who set out from Rivendell on the Quest of Mount Doom. They were: Aragorn, Boromir, Frodo Baggins, Gandalf, Gimli Elf-friend, Legolas Greenleaf, Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Took, Samwise Gamgee

Corsairs of Umbar - Pirates from the lands south of Gondor

The people of Umbar during the later Third Age, largely descended from Castamir the Usurper and his followers, who, though they were Gondorian in origin, continued a long enmity against the land of their ancestors.

Council - See White Council

Crebain - Black crows out of the southern Misty Mountains

Large black birds of crow-kind, native to the lands that bordered the southern Misty Mountains, Dunland to the west and Fangorn to the east. They seemed to possess at least some level of intelligence, and were apparently used as spies by Saruman during the War of the


Black carrion birds associated in Tolkien's work with the forces of darkness. The most feared variety in the Westlands of Middle-earth was the large type known as crebain.


Calembel - The township on the River Ciril

A town in the Gondorian region of Lamedon. It stood above the fords of the River Ciril, where the road from Erech crossed that river and passed on eastward. It was here that Aragorn and the host of the Dead camped during their journey to Pelargir during the War of the Ring.

Caras Galadhon - The tree-city of the Galadhrim

The tree-city of the Galadhrim; the seat of Celeborn and Galadriel in the realm of Lórien.

Carn Dûm - Mountain Fortress of Angmar

Peak in the far north of the Misty Mountains, the site of the ancient capital of the Witch-king of Angmar.

Celebdil - The mountain known as the Silvertine

Called the Silvertine, one of the three peaks in the Misty Mountains (with Caradhras and Fanuidhol) that lay above the ancient dwarf-city of Khazad-dûm.

River Celebrant - The Elves’ name for the River Silverlode

The river also known as the Silverlode, that flowed southeastwards out of the valley of Nanduhirion, passing through the land of Lórien to meet the Great River, Anduin.

Chamber of Mazarbul - The Chamber of Records in old Khazad-dûm

The old Chamber of Records of Khazad-dûm. It was used as a base by Balin when he attempted his ill-fated attempt at recolonisation: the Company of the Ring found his tomb there as they passed through Moria.

Chambers of Fire - See Sammath Naur

Chetwood - The wood of the Bree-land, Midgewater Marshes

The broad woodland that lay to the north and east of the Bree-hill. The village of Archet was built among the trees near its edge.

River Ciril - A minor river of western Lamedon

A short tributary to the River Ringló. The Ciril rose in the White Mountains of western Lamedon, about twenty miles east of Tarlang's Neck. It flowed directly southwards, through its fords at Calembel, to meet the Ringló.

Cirith Gorgor - The Haunted Pass

Called the Haunted Pass, the point were the mountain ranges of the Ered Lithui and the Ephel Dúath met, to the northwest of Mordor. It was sealed by the Black Gate of the Morannon, and guarded by the Towers of the Teeth.

Citadel of Gondor - The seventh circle of Minas Tirith

A term sometimes used loosely of Minas Tirith in Gondor, but in fact strictly referring to the fortified seventh and highest circle of that city.

Citadel of the Stars - See Osgiliath

City of Trees - See Caras Galadhor

Closed Door - The door that led to the Silent Street

Fen Hollen, the door in the sixth circle of Minas Tirith that led to the Silent Street and the tombs of the Kings of Gondor.

Cloudyhead - The mountain named Fanuidhol

One of the three Mountains of Moria, named Fanuidhol by the Elves and Bundushathûr (or just Shathûr) by the Dwarves, many of whom had lived beneath it in the city of Khazad-dûm.

Field of Cormallen - A garth of Ithilien

A tree-lined field in North Ithilien, on the banks of the Anduin near to Cair Andros. It was here that Frodo and Sam were received after they achieved the Quest of Mount Doom, and praised with great praise.

Cracks of Doom - The heart of Orodruin

The Sammath Naur; the forge and workshop of Sauron tunnelled deep into Orodruin and open to its central fire.

Crickhollow - A village of northern Buckland

A village in the northern parts of Buckland; it was here that Frodo Baggins claimed to be his destination when he left Hobbiton.

Cross-roads - The road-meeting in central Ithilien

The point in the land of Ithilien were the road running northward from the Harad was crossed by the east-west road from Osgiliath to Minas Ithil (later Minas Morgul). Although originally built and maintained by the Men of Gondor, the Cross-roads had effectively fallen under the control of Sauron at the time of the War of the Ring.


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