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O of Middle Earth
O of Middle Earth

O of Middle Earth


Ohtar - The squire of Isildur

The squire of Isildur. One of only three survivors of the Disaster of the Gladden Fields, Ohtar rescued the shards of Elendil's sword, Narsil, and brought them safely back into the North.

Óin son of Gróin - Companion of Bilbo in the Quest of Erebor

Son of Gróin, one of the Dwarves of the following of Thorin II Oakenshield who reclaimed Erebor from Smaug. He later travelled to Moria with Balin, and was lost in the ill-fated attempt to reoccupy Khazad-dûm.

Óin King of Durin’s Folk - King over the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains

Óin was King of Durin's line, successor to Glóin. In his time, the Dwarves of Durin's Folk still dwelt in the Grey Mountains of the north. In the later years of his reign, the Shadow returned to Dol Guldur in Mirkwood, and Orcs and other evil things began to multiply in the northern mountains. In Óin's last years, the Orcs plundered Moria, which was then deserted, and took it to dwell in. This was but the first of the calamities that were to befall the House of Durin over the coming centuries.

Óin was 250 years old when he died, having reigned as King for 103 of those years. He was succeeded by his son Náin, who became King Náin II.

Oldbuck Family - The descendants of Bucca of the Marish

The descendants of Bucca of the Marish and hereditary Thains of the Shire for many years. Gorhendad Oldbuck moved the family seat to Brandy Hall in Buckland, and changed the family's name to Brandybuck.

Oliphaunts - The monstrous elephants of the Third Age

A word for the southern monsters also known as Mûmakil, evidently gigantic cousins of the modern elephant. Oliphaunt is a real word from ancient English.

Olórin - Gandalf as he was in his youth

A Maia of the people of Manwë and Varda, Olórin was said to be one of the wisest of his order. He came to Middle-earth in the Third Age in the guise better known as Gandalf.

Onodrim - Ents, the Shepherds of the Trees

The name given by the Elves to the giant tree-like beings that Men called Ents.

Orald - One of Tom Bombadil's many names

The name used by Northern Men for the being known to the Hobbits as Tom Bombadil.

Orcs - Warring servants of the Dark Lords

Little is known for certain of the beginnings of the Orcs, the footsoldiers of the Enemy. It is said that they were in origin corrupted Elves captured by Melkor before the beginning of the First Age. In appearance, Orcs were squat, swarthy creatures. Most of them preferred the darkness, being blinded by the light of the Sun, but the kinds bred later in the Third Age such as the Uruk-hai could endure the daylight.

Orcs of the White Hand - See Isengarders

Ori - Loyal companion of Thorin Oakenshield

A Dwarf of the House of Durin, who accompanied his lord Thorin II Oakenshield on the Quest of Erebor.

Oromë - The Huntsman of the Valar

The Huntsman of the Valar, the brother of Nessa and one of the eight Aratar. In ancient times, he rode often in the forests of Middle-earth, and it was he who first discovered the Eldar at Cuiviénen.

Orophin - A marchwarden of Lórien

A Silvan Elf of Lórien, the brother of Haldir and Rúmil. He was one of three wardens met by the Fellowship as they entered the Golden Wood.


Oiolairë - ‘Ever-summer’

A sweet-scented tree that grew in Númenor, and especially in the western region known as Nísimaldar. It was the custom among Númenórean mariners to place a cut bough of oiolairë on the prows of their ships, as a symbol of good fortune.

Old Forest - A strange northern remnant of the great forest of the Second Age

A remnant of the great forests of Middle-earth in the Second Age; most of these forests were felled by the Númenóreans, but two isolated woodlands remained. The Old Forest was the northern of these two (the other being Fangorn in the south), on the eastern borders of the Shire.

Old Road - The road running east through Eriador

A name sometimes used for the East-West Road that lead through Eriador to Rivendell, and especially for its eastern reaches beyond the town of Bree.

Orodruin - Mount Doom

The fire-mountain in the northern parts of Mordor, in which Sauron forged the One Ring during the Second Age, and into which the same Ring fell thousands of years later to bring about the Dark Lord's downfall.

Osgiliath - The ancient capital of Gondor

The 'Fortress of the Stars' that was the central and chief city of Gondor during its early years. It was largely deserted after the plague of the mid-Third Age, and lay in ruins at the time of the War of the Ring.

Ossiriand - The Land of Seven Rivers

A woodland realm to the east of Beleriand, lying between the Blue Mountains and the River Gelion. The Gelion and its six tributaries that ran through the land gave it its name, the Land of Seven Rivers.

Outer Lands - A name for Middle-earth itself

Outer Lands was the term used by the Valar and the other dwellers in Aman, describing the Mortal lands that lay outside the Blessed Realm.


Old Toby - One of the best varieties of pipe-weed

One of the most notable varieties of the plant known as pipe-weed or Halflings' Leaf, grown in the region around Longbottom in the Shire's Southfarthing. It took its name from the famous old Hobbit who introduced pipe-weed to the Shire, the original 'Old Toby', Tobold Hornblower.

Old Winyards - A red wine from the south of the Shire

A red wine from the Shire's Southfarthing, noted for its strength. Bilbo's father Bungo Baggins, who delved Bag End, seems to have laid down a large number of bottles of this wine. Bilbo gave a present of a dozen bottles to Rorimac Brandybuck, Master of Buckland at the time he left the Shire, but this still left plenty for his heir Frodo. The Old Winyards lasted another seventeen years, until the last drop was drunk by Frodo as he set out on his own adventures.

One Ring - Sauron's Ruling Ring

"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." - Inscribed on the One Ring

The greatest of the Rings of Power, forged secretly by Sauron in the fires of Orodruin. The Ring not only transported the wearer into the Wraith-world, making him invisible to those in the real world, but also granted virtual immortality and mastery over the nineteen Great Rings, and all other magical Rings forged in Eregion in the middle of the Second Age. After Sauron's defeat at the end of that Age, the Ring was lost; the story of its recovery and ultimate destruction lie at the heart of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Orcrist - The sword of Thorin Oakenshield

The sword of Thorin Oakenshield, discovered by him in a troll-hoard on his journey to Erebor, and buried with him after his death in the Battle of Five Armies

Orthanc-stone - The palantír of the Tower of Orthanc

One of the seven palantíri or Seeing-stones brought to Middle-earth by Elendil, and kept in the ancient stronghold of Orthanc. It was discovered there by Saruman when he took Isengard as his base, and used by him in his treacherous dealings with Sauron.

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