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T of Middle Earth
T of Middle Earth

T of Middle Earth


Telchar - The renowned smith of Nogrod

A Dwarf of Nogrod in the Blue Mountains, and one of the greatest smiths in the history of Middle-earth. Among his works were Angrist (the knife that freed the Silmaril from the Iron Crown), Narsil (the sword of Elendil, later reforged for Aragorn as Andúril) and the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin.

Telcontar - The royal house founded by Aragorn Elessar

The name of the royal house established in the Reunited Kingdom by Aragorn Elessar after the War of the Ring. The name Telcontar is a translation into Elvish of Aragorn's common nickname in the north; 'Strider'.

Tharkûn - The Dwarvish name for Gandalf

The name given to Gandalf the Grey by the Dwarves.

Thengel - Father to Théoden of Rohan

The sixteenth King of Rohan, son of Fengel and father of Théoden Ednew. In his time, Saruman first pronounced himself Lord of Isengard.

Théoden - Last King of Rohan of the Second Line

The son of Thengel; the seventeenth King of Rohan and last of the Second Line. He led the Rohirrim at the Battle of the Hornburg, and was lost defending Minas Tirith in the Battle of the Pelennor. He was succeeded by his nephew, Éomer.

Théodred - The lost heir of King Théoden

Only son and heir of King Théoden of Rohan. He was slain in the First Battle of the Fords of Isen during the War of the Ring.

Elu Thingol - Greatest of the lords of the Sindar

In his early life, millennia before the beginning of the First Age, Thingol journeyed to Valinor with Ingwë and Finwë, and was returned to the Eldar who dwelt at Cuiviënen. From the travellers' reports of the Blessed Realm, many of the Elves marched westward across Middle-earth, seeking the land of the Valar, and the third and greatest host of the Elves, the Teleri, were led by Thingol and his brother Olwë.

Thistlewool Family - A family of Bree

A family of the Men of Bree.

Thorin II Oakenshield - The King who reclaimed Erebor from Smaug

The King of Durin's Folk who led his people to reclaim Erebor from Smaug; slain in the Battle of Five Armies.

Thorondor - Mightiest of Eagles

The mightiest Eagle to ever live; lord of the Eagles of the Crissaegrim, and constant ally of Turgon of Gondolin.

Thorongil - An early alias of Aragorn

'The Eagle of the Star', an alias taken by Aragorn in his youth, when he journeyed to Rohan and Gondor and performed services to their lords

Thráin I - The King who deserted Khazad-dûm

A descendant of Durin the Deathless and King of Durin's Folk, the son of Náin I and father of Thorin I.

Thranduil - King of the Wood-elves of Mirkwood

King of the Wood-elves who dwelt in northern Mirkwood; he fought at the Battle of Five Armies, and his son, Legolas, journeyed with Company of the Ring.

Thrór - The refounding King under the Mountain

The eldest son of Dáin I, and King of Durin's Folk after him. He returned the Kingship to Erebor, and was King under the Mountain when the Lonely Mountain was invaded by Smaug. He died years later in Moria, at the hands of Azog the Goblin.

Tintallë - ‘The Kindler’

'The Kindler', a title given to Varda Elentári after she kindled the brighter stars with the dews of Telperion.

Tinúviel - Beren’s name for Lúthien

'Nightingale', the name given to Lúthien of Doriath by Beren when he first saw her dancing in the forest.

Peregrin ‘Pippin’ Took I - Twentieth Shire-thain of the Took line

Son of Paladin Took II of Great Smials, and later Thain Peregrin I; he travelled with the Company of the Ring. With Meriadoc Brandybuck, he was separated from the Company at Parth Galen, and taken captive by Orcs. Escaping into Fangorn Forest, he saw the destruction of Isengard and travelled with Gandalf to Minas Tirith, where he became a bondsman of Steward Denethor II.

Treebeard - Fangorn of Fangorn Forest

The Westron name of Fangorn, eldest of the Ents of Fangorn Forest, and a literal translation of that Elvish name.

Trolls - Hulking Monsters of the Dark

Lumbering evil creatures originated by Melkor, and said to have been made by him 'in mockery of the Ents'.

Tunnelly Family - A Hobbit family of Bree

A common family name among the Bree

Turambar - The surname of Túrin

A title meaning 'Master of Doom', taken by Túrin son of Húrin in defiance of the curse placed upon his family by Morgoth.


Telain (‘Talans’) - The tree-platforms of the Galadhrim

Platforms built by the Elves of Lórien in the trees of that land, used mainly as guard-posts or for ceremonial purposes, but common in the city of Caras Galadhon.

Thangorodrim - The three towering peaks above Angband’s gates

The three mighty peaks that Morgoth raised from the Iron Mountains above the gates of Angband when he returned there at the beginning of the First Age. They were destroyed in the fall of Ancalagon during the War of Wrath.

Tharbad - The city at the crossings of Greyflood

An ancient city of Men that grew up where the North-South Road crossed the River Gwathló (Greyflood). Tharbad was deserted in the late Third Age after it was devastated in the floods that followed the Fell Winter.

Three-Farthing Stone - The meeting point of three of the Shire‘s farthings

A stone by the side of the East Road that marked the point where the borders of the Eastfarthing, Westfarthing and Southfarthing of the Shire came together. It was also said to mark a point near the centre of the Shire itself. The stone stood about five miles southeast from Bywater, and exactly fourteen miles west from Frogmorton.

Tighfield - The home of Sam Gamgee’s ancestors

A village or town located somewhere in the Shire, though its exact location is not known. It is important to history as the home of many of Sam Gamgee's ancestors. His great-great-grandfather Wiseman Gamwich came to Tighfield about two hundred years before the War of the Ring, and Wiseman's son Hob Gammidge is recorded as a roper, one of a long line of Tighfield rope-makers. Hob's grandson was Hamfast Gamgee, Sam's father, who left Tighfield for Hobbiton, to start a new life as a gardener.

Tindrock - The steep-sided isle of Nen Hithoel

The Mannish name for the steep, rocky island that stood at the southern end of Nen Hithoel, above the Falls of Rauros. The Elves called the island Tol Brandir ('tall island') but the name Tindrock has slightly different origins. In Old English a tind is a sharp point, so the Tindrock was the 'pointed rock'.

Tirion - The city of the Elves in Aman

The city of the Elves in Aman, built on the hill of Túna. Originally shared by the Vanyar and the Noldor, the Vanyar later departed to dwell beneath Manwë's halls on Taniquetil.

Tol Brandir - The island known as the Tindrock

The tall, sheer-sided isle that stood in the River Anduin between the hills of Amon Hen and Amon Lhaw, above the Falls of Rauros.

Tookland - The ancestral lands of the Shire-thains

A wide region of the Shire's Westfarthing that was the historical province of the Took clan, and so of the hereditary Thains of the Shire. The Tookland lay to the south of the East Road, with its chief and central township at Tuckborough in the Green Hills. There, burrowed into the hillsides, was the famous and historic home of the Tooks, Great Smials. Somewhat to the west of Tuckborough lay the smaller of the Tookland's main settlements, Tookbank.

Tower Hills - The Emyn Beraid west of the Shire

A name for the Emyn Beraid, the hills west of the Shire, home of three ancient Elf-towers that held the Elendil Stone, the last of the palantíri of the North.

Tower of Cirith Ungol - A guard-tower of Mordor’s western borders

Originally a watchtower of Gondor guarding the main pass over the Ephel Dúath, the Tower was captured by the forces of Sauron and held by Orcs in the later Third Age.

Tower of Ecthelion - The White Tower at the peak of Minas Tirith

"...the Tower of Ecthelion, standing high within the topmost walls, shone out against the sky, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, tall and fair and shapely, and its pinnacle glittered as if it were wrought of crystals..." - The Return of the King V 1, Minas Tirith

Though a White Tower had graced the highest point of Minas Tirith since ancient times, it was rebuilt by Steward Ecthelion I some three centuries before the War of the Ring, and so gained his name. The Tower of Ecthelion was used to bear the standard of the City, and - at least during the last years of the Third Age - held the palantír known as the Anor-stone.

Tower of Guard - A name for Minas Tirith

A name for the Gondorian fortress-city of Minas Tirith in the later Third Age, and the literal meaning of its name.

Tower of the Moon - The tower of Minas Ithil

Name, and literal translation, of Minas Ithil, the fortress built as a guard on the eastern borders of Gondor.

Tower of Sorcery - A dark name for Minas Morgul

A title of Minas Morgul, and an approximate translation of that name.

Tower of the Setting Sun - A name for Minas Anor

The great tower built beneath Mount Mindolluin, west of the River Anduin, in the earliest days of Gondor. Its position west of the River, compared with Isildur's tower of Minas Ithil in the east, is the reason for its association with the 'Setting' Sun.

Towers of the Teeth - The twin guardians of Mordor

At the northwest corner of Mordor, the Ephel Dúath and the Ered Lithui came together at the Haunted Pass of Cirith Gorgor, and formed a gateway into that dark land. In the early days of Gondor, after Sauron's first defeat, the Gondorians built two watchtowers at the entrance to the pass, to guard Mordor and prevent the return of Sauron's servants. They failed, and the watchtowers fell under the control of the Red Eye. They became known as Carchost and Narchost, the Towers of the Teeth.


Tree, the Nimloth - the emblem of Gondor

The emblem of Gondor descended from the Tree of the High Elves, Galathilion which was derived from the elder of the Two Trees of the Valor, Telperion and Laurelin. Also see White Tree

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